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Our services highlight the manufacture of ceramic emitters of infrared radiation, which has allowed us to launch onto the international market.

The infrared radiation ceramic resistors are suitable for molding plastics using the thermoforming process, due to its low cost and high durability. As a result, these ceramic resistors have become the most used in the fields of vacuum molding, blister-packaging manufacturing and automotive industry.

Clamp resistors are another product included among our specialties. Clamp resistors allow the right transformation of plastic through extrusion process. For this reason, they are highly used in mass production of PVC, PET and other plastic materials.

Cartridge heaters are another of our leading products as well, both high-load and low-load cartridge resistors. This kind of heater makes heating metal blocks easier.

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We provide solutions that solve our customers demands while respecting deadlines and providing the best quality materials.

We manufacture any type electrical resistance under request


In Trullás Resistencias Eléctricas, each and every stage of the production process -and consequently all products- are subjected to rigorous quality controls to ensure compliance with current regulation of the European Community (EC). Thus, we thoroughly check starting from the receipt of raw materials until the shipping of the parts, which also allows us to have a perfect quality control. Among our core values are the personalized service to our customers, meeting deadlines and the overall quality of our products.

The fact of having more than 50 years of experience in the industry has helped us to first- hand knowing that each customer has some specific needs. For this reason, we believe that the best way to please our customers is attending to these needs in a personalized way. We have an immediate delivery for the entire national territory in all products that comply with standardized measures and upon available stock.

    > Quality of service
    > Commitment
    > Confidence
    > Experience
    > Leadership
    > Creativity
    > Responsibility
    > Honesty
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